Weekend and Weekday Masses Re-Opening Information

Guidelines for Attending Holy Mass, beginning on Pentecost Weekend, Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31,  2020

  • The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still dispensed through Sunday August 2, 2020
  • You are welcome to attend mass when live masses begin. However, if your health is vulnerable as defined by the health department, (i.e. seniors, those with compromised  immune systems or health conditions), or if you feel ill, we ask that you stay at home and watch our mass live, or recorded, on Facebook.
  • Holy Mass attendance will resume at the previously regularly scheduled times on the weekend, 4 pm on Saturday's, 10 am on Sunday's
  • The Sunday mass will continue to be livestreamed on Facebook
  • The directives and limitations we are following are:
    • Attendance at each individual Mass is limited to no more than 25% of the church's occupancy, approximately 250 parishioners for St Paul the Apostle
    • The parish doors will open for entry 30 minutes before the start of mass. Doors will be propped open to limit contact with door handles
    • Ushers will direct all parishioners approaching, entering and being seated. All parishioners must follow the direction of the ushers to keep everyone safe
    • If attendance reaches our 25% capacity, we will close the parish doors and will be unable to allow any further entry. Parishioners will be encouraged to attend another mass or watch our mass on Facebook.
    • Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet between people not of the same family must be followed.
    • All parishioners will be required to follow safe hygenic practices while attending mass:
      • Bring your own hand sanitizer if possible as St. Paul's has a limited supply
      • Wearing a facemask is strongly recommended during mass for all family members
      • Gloves are also permitted, and are encouraged
      • Refrain from touching surfaces as much as possible
      • Communion is to be received ONLY in the hand, and will not be distributed by the Chalice
      • Children must remain with their parents at all times
      • Washing clothes worn to mass afterward is also recommended
    • All missals, bibles, prayer cards and other resources will be removed from pews. No physical contact during the sign of peace will be permitted
    • Non-essential gatherings during or around mass will be suspended, within the church, such as Children's Liturgy of the Word, post mass social gatherings or refreshments
    • A Cantor will be allowed but choirs will not be used
    • Ministers and ushers will wear face masks and not make any physical contact when serving or greeting parishioners.
    • Bulletins will be handed out to all parishioners who wish to have one, beginning June 13, as you leave mass.
    • No other handouts will be distributed. Anyone bringing worship materials into the church must take them home or discard when leaving the church.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee has put up a short video on the process of returning to mass, which can be viewed here:



‚ÄčEmergency Situation - In an emergency, call the parish office at 262-886-0530, and leave a message for Fr. Yamid at extension 104, and Father will get back to you.


Facebook Page:

St Paul the Apostle Catholic Church Racine. The following link can be used:



Other Important Information

  • Weekday masses are now open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 am. The church will open 15 minutes before mass begins.
  • Masses will continue to be broadcast over our Facebook page. On weekends, the Sunday public masses, as well as weekday masses a 8:30 am. See Facebook page link below.
  • The parish office is open Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. Staff will be available for business purposes during these hours. Call the parish office and leave a message to be called back by a staff member.
  • Confession will be offered every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 2:45 pm, or by appointment. Leave a message at the office, Ext 104 to schedule time with Father, if an appointment is needed.
  • Annointing - If someone needs annointing and is in the hospital, please contact the hospital first and ask the Chaplain to administer. If this is not possible, or the person is at home, contact Fr Yamid through parish office, extension 104.
  • Mass of Christian Burial and Vigils for the Deceased may be celebrated but are limited to 50 people
  • Due to the reduction in public masses, offertory collections have also declined. We realize many of our parishioners may be facing financial hardship, and may no longer be able to contribute. However, for those who still can, we ask you to mail contributions to the parish office, or make use of online giving through our website or electronic funds transfer through our automated process. For further information contact the parish office.

God Bless you and your families during this difficult time.

Please check this announcement periodically for updates and changes. Updated June 18, 2020.