Pastoral Council

All things that happen in the church, happen as God works through His people. Parishes must have a structure that organizes the People of God and gives its members a voice to discern the direction of the parish and to ensure that the faith community carries out the mission of the parish. Included in this structure are the Pastor, Parish Trustees, Parish Staff and the Pastoral Council. Each year, St. Paul the Apostle calls upon its members to serve as leaders for the parish for a term of three years. Men, women and youth are invited to serve as consultants to the Pastor on the spiritual and temporal affairs of the parish. They develop parish policies, promote parish planning, and oversee the work of their commissions. The first characteristic of a Pastoral Council is that it be a prayerful group, who understands that its function is to discern the will of God for the parish community. This is an awesome and humbling responsibility!  

     Five factors help to develop the spiritual leadership of the Pastoral Council:

  1. Developing the habit of praying together
  2. Learning more about the culture of the community
  3. Learning more about the mission of the Church
  4. Developing leadership and group skills
  5. Being part of carrying out the mission of the parish

Our current Pastoral Council members are:

  •      Scott Fox (Chair)
  •      Darlene Biedrzycki (Vice Chair)
  •      Diane Ingalsbe
  •      Michael Clementi
  •      Kristina Knesting
  •      Kim Leslie
  •      Caroline Fuchs
  •      Kathy Gabriel
  •      Joan Walter

Ex-Officio Members are:

  •      Fr. Yamid  Blanco
  •      Robert MacDonald - Trustee Treasurer
  •      David Holland - Trustee Secretary

Pastoral Council Minutes

Click here to read the Pastoral Council Minutes.

Stewardship Commission

There is some truth to the observation that “God so loved the world that he sent His Only Son…..He did not send a committee!!”  Although, it can be argued that the first thing His Only Son did was to form a committee (The Twelve Apostles). The Apostles were a vital part of the success of the mission of Jesus Christ. Despite their doubts and denial of Jesus, they were the first to eventually believe in Him and to try to imitate Him. They accepted the responsibility of being good stewards of His mission and His message.