Finance Council

The Finance Council's main responsibility is to ensure sound financial management. They prepare and recommend the annual parish budget to the Pastoral Council and give an annual parish report of parish resources used. The Finance Council oversees the parish revenue and expenditures, parish investments, the Faith in Our Future Campaign, parish facility major repairs and expansion and the Legacy Society. The Finance Council provides guidance and support to the Pastor and Trustees in the financial and administrative matters of the parish.


The current trustees for St. Paul the Apostle Parish are Robert MacDonald, Treasurer, and David Holland, Secretary.

Legacy Society

St. Paul the Apostle was the first parish in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to form a Legacy Society and we celebrated our 20th Anniversary in fall of 2015. The only requirement for membership is to advise us that your parish is being remembered in your will. The confirmation is not binding and you do not reveal to us the amount of the bequest.

To veiw and print a copy of the Legacy Society brochure, click here.

Stewardship Commission

There is some truth to the observation that “God so loved the world that he sent His Only Son…..He did not send a committee!!”  Although, it can be argued that the first thing His Only Son did was to form a committee (The Twelve Apostles).  The Apostles were a vital part of the success of the mission of Jesus Christ.  Despite their doubts and denial of Jesus, they were the first to eventually believe in Him and to try to imitate Him.  They accepted the responsibility of being good stewards of His mission and His message.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is asking each parish to form a Stewardship Commission.  We are looking for parishioners who are interested in being part of this new commission, which will start up in the Fall of 2014.  This commission will be a standing commission of the Finance Council and will be responsible for stewardship awareness and provide an annual stewardship renewal for all.  Members should be willing to accept responsibility for sharing their faith, be motivated by a desire to help others grow in their personal relationship with God, have a willingness to accept change and be evangelizers.  If you are interested in sharing your gifts with St. Paul’s New Stewardship Commission, please contact Colleen in the Parish Office.